In Remembrance

Today we remember the life of our founder, my father, Thomas R. Porter, April 15, 1936 – June 15, 2008.

While my father was a fill-in pastor, evangelist and host of a gospel radio program on the east coast, by day he served in the military, first in the Navy and then the United States Coast Guard. He served in search and rescue and later on as an aviation mechanic.

A few months ago, I watched a documentary on the training involved with serving in the Coast Guard. It is rigorous! I became even prouder of my father.

The need for safety was evident in our home and when we went on boating/fishing trips. He made sure we were equipped with the proper safety equipment before we ventured out.

His desire for the safety of others was also evident as he reached out in concern for the souls around him. He led many of his co-workers and men who served under him to the Lord.

We are thankful to continue this safety saving program! I think he is rejoicing that the ministry is still going.

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