Mission Statement

Wellness Matters seeks to encourage people to become guardians of:

Spiritual Health

God didn’t create our bodies to last forever; however, he created our souls to live eternally. By being a guardian of spiritual health, we can choose follow God’s plan for our eternal souls.

Physical Health

While we are alive, our bodies are what we use to serve God, serve our families, and serve our employers. By being a guardian of physical health, we can function optimally in our areas of service.

Children’s Health

Our children depend on us for guidance in their spiritual and physical health. By being a guardian of their spiritual and physical health, we pray to pass along to them the importance of having a relationship with God and of taking care of the temple He has given them by setting the example for them to follow.

Do You Have the NAC?

N-acetylcysteine (NAC) is receiving a lot of press these days as it is used in the prevention and treatment of respiratory viruses. Actually, NAC has been around for some time and plays a role in multiple bodily systems. NAC is an...

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Could It Be Hashimoto’s?

by Teri Kelley, ND, NHC, Herbalist Most people are under the impression that their thyroid is fine because they are told their latest lab tests, like TSH, are normal and no further tests were run. However, some may find that the...

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We are surrounded by electronic devices like TVs, computers, and iPads, and it would be hard to learn to live without technology. However, it is important that we learn to handle our exposure to technology so we won’t block good health....

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BE A LITTLE SALTY March/April 2017

by Teri Kelley, ND, NHC, Herbalist Salt therapy seems to be the latest trend, and people are consuming pink salt, relaxing in salt caves, inhaling salt pipes, and purchasing salt lamps. Consider joining the trend and taking advantage of the benefits...

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