Pumpkin Card

When the Lord lays it on your heart to share the gospel with someone, take advantage of the opportunity. You may never know whether or not this is the last time someone has to get a clear presentation of the gospel and receive the Lord.


Along with treats for children, include a Pumpkin Gospel Card from Tracts, Inc.  A lady shared that a parent read the Pumpkin Gospel Card in her driveway and thanked her as he had been struggling with his relationship with the Lord.


We are thankful for every person who hands out tracts printed by Tracts, Inc., During July and August 2015, many individuals, churches, missions, and missionaries distributed gospel tracts from Tracts, Inc., including:

  • Bible Baptist Church, Hixson, TN, Pastor Dr. Mike Bates
  • Cedine Ministries, Spring City, TN, Bible Study Director Wanda Herman
  • Edgewood Baptist Church, East Ridge, TN, Pastor Brian Kurtz
  • HaCoBaCare Ministries, Chattanooga, TN, Director Gerald Lawson
  • Harris Chapel Baptist Church, Ghana, West Africa, Pastor Harold Holdbrook
  • Missionary Alice Friedrich, Toledo Parana, Brazil
  • Missionary Aloisio Sousa de Oliveira and Evangelistic Team, Conselheiro, Brazil
  • Missionary Mario Flavio Ferreira, Cruzeiro, Brazil
  • Missionaries Tony & Paula Bulawa, Surprise, AZ
  • Primeira Igreja Batista em Cruzeiro, Cruzeiro, Brazil, Pastor Lucas Amarante Avanco
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