Astaxanthin-powderAstaxanthin seems to be the latest rising nutritional superstar-and no wonder!  Astaxanthin comes from microalgae and is classified as a carotenoid.  This pigment is responsible for the color of salmon, flamingos, and crustaceans like crabs and lobsters.  In nature, astaxanthin’s job is to provide protection from oxidative damage.  This is good news to people taking astaxanthin in supplemental form as they may experience great benefits.

For one, astaxanthin is supportive to the eyes and helps relieve eye strain and blurry vision.  Some people even find that they are less reliant on reading glasses to focus on close objects.

Astaxanthin is also supportive to the skin.  It helps the skin to hold moisture and improves skin’s elasticity; therefore, it is a natural wrinkle fighter. It also provides an internal protection against sunburn.  Many people report a healthier color, a natural health glow, in their skin while taking supplemental astaxanthin.

It is astaxanthin that is responsible for the strength and stamina displayed by Pacific salmon as they fight their way back to the streams where they were born.  So, it can help humans to recover more quickly from physical exertion.  It helps the body to reduce the lactic acid buildup that leads to soreness after exercise.

Astaxanthin is also beneficial for better cardiovascular function, immune response, brain health, cancer prevention, and joint support.

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Five superfruits:

  • Acai berry
  • Goji
  • Mangosteen
  • Maqui
  • Noni
Be In the Pink with Astaxanthin

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